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Deep Cleaning of Premises & Virus Disinfection Services

We offer deep cleaning and disinfection services

Under the unfortunate Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic environment, Building and Premises Owners, Users, Operators and/or Occupiers may wish to remove the risk and possibility of any infecting bacteria or viruses remaining in their buildings.

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Our Team

Our team includes trained and conscientious cleaners, supervisor, microbiologists, chemical engineers and round-the-clock dedicated management.

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Client Focus

We evaluate our clients’ need and their premises disinfection requirements in detail before we commence.

We incorporate microbiological & Industrial Hygiene evaluation in our cleaning methodology.

Our Methodology

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Our Experience

We have a long track record through our parent company C-MIST of providing decontamination services to the highest scientific standards and under rigorous quality control. Our approach is built on experience of working with hazardous material and further developed by our micro-biologist.

We will provide surface cleansing of all points of contact, for example:

  • Work surfaces
  • Desktop equipment
  • Door furniture
  • Communal areas
Office interior

Tailored Service

We will provide a service tailored to your requirements including if required provision of nightshifts to support your operations.

Contact ViroClean Cleansing and Disinfecting Services to arrange an assessment. Our teams are in high demand but we will endeavour to provide a fast response.

Prices start at £600 for a small team for a day.


  • SMAS
  • BSI


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